Stay on-the-go phone charging experience at events & conferences

At a time when people constantly feel the need to be plugged into the digital realm—and to replug and recharge whenever necessary—cell phone charging stations have become a popular addition to events.

However, people either have security but on the sacrifice of mobility, or have both security, mobility but loss cost-effectivity. I have seen phone-charging kiosks in shopping center, and airport, where people rent phone charging slots, and plug their phones inside where a multi-outlets available. I found it inconvenient cause I cannot use my phone while charging, while constantly unlocking the slot, and checking is kind of pain in the a*s. Other kiosks might offer power-bank renting service, or more straight forward, sell power-banks. I am sure that’s why quite a lot of people have a collection of random power-banks. I met a Doblet user before, he told me that he had 8 power-banks, some are swag, some were purchased because he need it indeed but he forgot to carry the ones he had, or sometime just forgot to recharge the power-bank he carried that day.

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Be honest, if phone chargers are like outlets, or WiFi which are free offered pretty much everywhere, who would want to carry a personal power-bank. I know it as a matter of fact, cause after I introduced Doblet, they are fascinated to know that they actually can grab a charger on-site, return or switch for another one any time at the event.

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So how-doblet-works. Doblet is pretty much self-explained, as long have the Doblet App installed on their phone, they can activate any battery units at anytime. What’s more Doblet is available at 1000+ locations – currently only in San Francisco Bay Area. Therefore, users can not only enjoy the ultimate satisfaction toward the service during the event, but also take the advantage of Doblet network after.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in getting Doblet at your coming event!

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