Eventbrite Era

Eventbrite highlights that technologies, once again, put people together through efficient and joyful ways. Are you interested in connecting with similar mind people, exploring the root of the city and culture, making your voice to be heard by real people. You definitely should register a Eventbrite and start your joyful journey right away.

Plenty choices are available on Eventbrite, roughly 20 categories of events on Eventbrite  there are right now. No matter your are a young professional who want to social and networking for career development, or a party geek who want to have fun and throw a roof-top part, you are half way to where you want be as long as you register your account on Eventbrite. With its great mobile device service, the popularity of Eventbrite is growing dramatically. Not only this, we can find plenty free events on Eventbrite, which certainly helped in increasing the size of users.

Take a quick look on event lists. Timeline (This weeks); Category (Business).

  • Monday
    • 6 free events (WHOmentors.com Inc contributed 3 events; Career Service@Drexel University contributed 1 event; and a few other companies and organization contributed the rest)
    • 4 paid events
  • Tuesday 41 events in total
  • Wednesday 36 events in total
  • Thursday 46 events
  • Friday 18 events
  • Saturday 24 events
  • Sunday 8 events

Most of the events are after 6 pm, but no later than 10 pm, which makes a lot of sense.

It bothers me a little bit when it comes to pick an event out of many. I still remember one YELP, Salesforce, and Eventbrite host their events at the same time on the same day. Similar topics as well. As a young marketing professional, the learning and to networking opportunity with them is exactly what I wanted but I don’t know much clue about the events quality or “stereotype” of each company. On the Eventbrite I saw a record of “30 events in the past and 30 events upcoming”, but the quality doesn’t convince me the quality or how much it fits my preference. I think online reviews for Events organizers may be highly demanded in this Eventbrite era.


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