When we are not successful while others are

Not the wide of knowledge

I was most knowledgeable when I was in high school. At that time I know how to calculation formulas composted of wired signs and find out the length a line between several squares, triangular, rectangular and Cylinder and etc; I know how to explain weather conditions, geographical composition and anthropology; I know 5000 history of China (such as when, where, who did it, cause, process and consequence), history of world as well (president Roosevelt save the economy by hiring people moving tress from one place to another; England were separated to two due to the fact that capitalism and communism). When I say I know, I am now saying I can list a few interesting things, I mean I can have deep discussion with teachers and professor for couple of hours. However, the wide of knowing things didn’t help me in achieving.

Not the hot professions

Now I had a master degree but I have the illusion that I have returned most of my knowledge to time. A few days ago, a professional talked to me about how cyber and software works. I was listening with full respect since it’s sort of a holy shower time for me to understand how the software and website we use every day is made of. It also reminds the days I learn how to run system by DOS, make PC cable with pretty crystal end, use access, and calculate virtual company’s revenue with SQL. Sort of regret that I didn’t stick with the knowledge and expand for more. It’s a great feeling that we learn new things every day and the interests of learning things drive us to be a more useful people in real life and work. We won’t be able to be professionals in everything we know, and we cannot always pick the best area to work for. For instance, it seems often that we missed some of the things are really cool and others have been very successful by excelling in it. However, it’s not the issue here. What we shall focus on finding out the thing that truly drive us to our best. Cause doing something we truly interested in and passionate about is the solution for long term success and self-accomplishment.

But the passion and persistence


I always believe in that if we cannot get something, then either because we don’t want it enough or because we don’t need it enough. People are talented in different things, if we missed one thing, it means we don’t really passionate about it that much or else we wouldn’t. For example, my mom and dad likes culinary very much, they are very successful however, it didn’t turn out to be my career. There are many popular chefs, I might one of them if I had the passion towards culinary as my parents did. However I chose another career instead it doesn’t mean I lost opportunities, it only means I have found or am looking for other things that I could be more passionate about. As soon as I found it, I will enjoy the happiness just as much.


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