Working and Living With Passion

I was growing in a family where working known as a joyful journey.

I remember those sunny afternoon sitting in the backyard and doing accounting works with my mom. Well, since I was 4 or 5 years old and still in the age of loving running and laughing around, I had better say watching her doing accounting work. She was the owner and manager of our family owned Inn and restaurants. Every one month or two she would go over revenue and we were always happy together, therefore I ended up to be her little assistant.

She has great memories. She remembered the story (stories) behind each bill and she knows the related background information of the bill owner. I know this as common sense, but I was told in business school that it is actually called customer behavior study and customer relationship management. At that time, and considering the size of our family business, we don’t have Information system or data base to save the information, but my mom accomplished the task in a incredible successful way just as well.

My mom was known as a smart woman who can read people’s mind and knows people’s preference. But I know its not a mystery thing; she can do so, because she has passion and curious about her the work she was doing. She wants to work in the most efficient way and improve family business as much as she could because that’s something she cares and interested in. Therefore, whenever there is something happened around, she will pay full attention and make the most out of it. And when my profession told me being clueless is as bad or even worse than being silly, I cannot agree with him more.

I always tell myself to work with passion and spend time on thing I want myself dedicate in. I believe this is a no 1 rule of a happy life and a successful career.


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