Why we Use LinkedIn for jobs

As a user of online service, whenever I need to pay for a service monthly or yearly to get premium service, while actually free service is just fine, I want to get as much as I could from the paid service and tend to have higher expectation for it as well.

Take LinkedIn for example, I tried the 30 days free trail last year, and didn’t get much from it, well, to be honest, got nothing from it. Therefore, I am very reluctant to pay for it again. The logic is very simple, why would I use a paid service while the free one is just find. I understand companies grow everyday, and who they are, what they do, how they do it might be changed more or less in one year; I know penny smart’s consequences; I agree free meals can be but always good and I think 30-days is might not be long enough to make any change to anything. Actually, by the end, the more I don’t trust the service quality, surprisingly, the more I want give it another chance guess the initial action of trying the service tells me that I trust the business conception, at least subconsciously.

Reasons stopped me using the service,

  • I think LinkedIn is helpful when we want reach out to higher lever members. For example with a paid membership account, you can email (send message) those hiring managers on LinkedIn right way, instead of going to all kinds of different places to find out their email addresses, which might also turn to be wrong and may be time-wasting. However, here it raises another question, how many managers really check their LinkedIn email box. Obviously, if my email is one of the 9,000 unread emails (messages), my paid membership still cannot give me anything matters except fool myself.
  • How long it takes to see the change. Is there is any survey or data to showcase why LinkedIn helps and in what way.
  • Content on LinkedIn is also bothers me. For example, some chicken-soup quotes are just irrelevant to me but I don’t want unlink that person either cause it’s all about connections. In those case, can we have a update category function? For certain type of updates or updates from certain people can be manually assigned to different categories.

I saw a influencer on LinkedIn giving suggestions about how to leverage the usage of LinkedIn, one of them is sort of 101 course, but not many people are following it.

How to Create Customized LinkedIn Backgrounds

To sum up, LinkedIn is sort of exclusive, and undoubtedly has certain advantages that other similar social media don’t have. However, it doesn’t stop it from improve user experience and should not be satisfied by the accomplishment and ignore users’ voice either.


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