Read customers’ mind so as to provide what they want/need

” It turns out that the most-shared articles aren’t fluffy clickbait. Generally, they’re pieces that focus on grander themes: kids (“Schools Fail to Train Kids”), extreme wealth and poverty (“The World’s Poorest President,” “The Rich Alarmed by Homeless Jesus”), self-improvement (“What Mentally Strong People Avoid,” “How Not to Say the Wrong Thing”), God (“Science Increasingly Makes the Case for God”), and death (“Dying on Your Own Terms,” ” Unmournable Bodies: Those We Kill Unknowingly”). Only some of the most universal aspects of human experience.”

——The Infograghic of the day, The Internet’s Most-Read Stories, All In One Chart

I am not sure about the scale that this infographic can refer to, but it quite makes sense that there is a list of things or concerns can draw more attentions from people of one region or district than it can to other regions or districts. For example, people in New York City may be always thinking/ doing at least three things which are changing girls/boyfriends, finding new apartments and looking for new jobs. While people in other states might be when to eat, where to eat and how to eat. In term of country, people in North Korean may concern more about how to beat the world and become the the strongest country in the world, while people in China might concern more about how to live longer when air and water are heavily polluted.

This is solution is very helpful for companies to do business in foreign countries..To be continued.


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