Native Advertisement

Native advertising is a form of advertising that matches the form and function of the platform on which it appears. I personally respect it just as I respect those people who do ad Romans do when they are Roma. In advertisements’ perspective, every advertisement wants to be seen. Why an advertisement on a magazine cannot […]

iWatch_A great start of this Summer. A day with Apple watch. Well, it’s a apple product but it’s also, and just a watch too. I would be happy to answer and make a phone call on a watch; I would be happy to check time (in my location and in other states or countries) on…a watch; I would be happy […]

Read customers’ mind so as to provide what they want/need

” It turns out that the most-shared articles aren’t fluffy clickbait. Generally, they’re pieces that focus on grander themes: kids (“Schools Fail to Train Kids”), extreme wealth and poverty (“The World’s Poorest President,” “The Rich Alarmed by Homeless Jesus”), self-improvement (“What Mentally Strong People Avoid,” “How Not to Say the Wrong Thing”), God (“Science Increasingly […]